Because our daily lives are so filled with clutter, both physical and mental, the Soul Coaching® process is designed to simplify and clarify our inner lives.
Each day, for 28 days, you will reflect upon and write down the answers to a series of questions designed to get you thinking about your life.  It can take as little as a few minutes a day, or as much time as you feel you need.  While you explore on your own, Marisol is always available for questions and discussions.
Once a week, you will meet for an hour with Marisol, usually in a quiet and serene natural setting like a park or a beach, to break up your routine and to get you out of the familiar.  As your Soul Coaching®, she will help you to take action, align your beliefs, adjust your thinking and teach you how to make happiness a habit.
The goal is to become conscious of what we say and think to ourselves, and to change those inner dialogues to something more positive and productive.
Marisol combines Soul Coaching® with a Feng Shui session for the home to create an environment that supports the changes you will be making to reach your desired goal.
She is the only certified Soul Coach in the South Florida area.  For more information on Soul Coaching®, please contact Marisol directly at
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