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Feng Shui Mini-Series
This program is designed to introduce audiences to the basic principles of Feng Shui, and then carry them forward into the many areas of their life where Feng Shui can make a difference. Here is a summary of our program; if you would like to know more about each class please contact us:
Feng Shui and Clutter – Unblock Your Life
Free yourself from the prison of your possessions!
Feng Shui Simplified – Listen to Your Surrounding
Your surroundings have many secrets to tell you!
Feng Shui in the Bedroom – Awaken Your Love Life
Have a life, make a story, light up your love life!
Feng Shui at Work – Energize Your Career
Accelerate your ascent up ladder to success!
Room to Grow – Feng Shui for Children’s Spaces
Give your children the right start on the road of life.
Feng Shui Advanced – The Five Elements Theory and Baubiology
A place for everything, and everything in its place.
Feng Shui and Your New Year's Resolutions
Let Chinese Astrology show the path to abundance in the coming year
Mastery of Language
"Since language is core to the way we operate and build our belief system, language is usually the first place for most of us to start our upgrade. When we clean up the way we think, speak, imagine, and ultimately feel, our lives have the potential to be made new. Our "I AM" can begin to function, consciously and effectively. Our hearts begin to speak".
Robert Tennyson Stevens
The creator of Mastery Systems
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