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Changing your space can change your life.
Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of improving your life by creating balance between people and their environments.
Every space has a specific personality. The layout of rooms, colors chosen, materials used, its geometry and relationship to the neighborhood will give you a specific life experience.
Feng Shui helps you achieve balance in life, which can then help you optimize your opportunities, improve your relationships, realize prosperity, recover from an illness or avoid one, improve your career, and enhance your children's chances in life.
Blending traditions of Feng Shui with Nine Star Ki Astrology, numerology, Soul Coaching ®, Bau Biologie (the use of healthy building principles), Essential Ch’i  can help you create a nourishing, energizing and uplifting environment.
Essential Ch’i works with residential and commercial spaces in Florida and The Caribbean.
Blessing and Healing Ceremonies
These ceremonies clear a space of existing energies to create a new beginning by:
-Clearing predecessor energies when moving into a new home or office
-Cleansing a space after a negative experience: death, illness, divorce, bankruptcy, etc.
-Reinforcing an energy shift after general Feng Shui adjustments.
learing your own energies and preparing for new residents after you leave the space.
A thorough review of your home or office can bring about a total transformation of your life. My consultations go deeper than just your physical surroundings.
As we discover together how your space has been affecting you, you will be guided to discover qualities about yourself that you can use to energize many aspects of your life.
A consultation typically lasts for two hours, and encompasses four basic steps to find solutions to create a more successful life.
This is a personal experience. Everything about our consultation is kept strictly confidential.

Feng Shui Consultation Fees

Our Consultation Fees:

Our Consultation fees Include

• On Site consultation, lasting two hours minimum

• Free telephone follow up

• Long term follow up consultation 6 months later


Residential Spaces

Up to 2,500 sg ft     $450

2,500 sg ft - 4,000 sg ft     $540

4,000 sq ft and up     $630 and up


Comercial Space

Small Individual Office      $270

Small Retail Shop     $450

Space under 5,000 sq ft   $540

Space over 5,000 sq ft     $630

Space over 10,000 sq ft   CALL

Architectural Design review of Floor Plans     $180 p/h

(1Hour minimum)

Support Plan - Access to telephone consultations

after expiration of initial month   $90 / three months


Other Services

Remote consultations

(of photos and floor plans)    $360

Nine Star Ki Astrological Recommendations     $90

Home Staging     $


Add comprehensive written report package to all services for      $50

28 Day Program (workbook) $360

28 Day Combo Package $1,800





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